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DS 180

The DS-180 forms a unique counterpoint in seating design: a chromium steel frame flows around the entire sofa. This steel framework, which was conceived in the California of the late 1940s, experiences a rebirth in the DS-180 which transforms this established design concept with a peerless novelty that refuses to ignore the demands of function. The continuous chromium steel frame creates a new style in furniture making that points the way to the profound charms of a higher aesthetic of design. The DS-180 has an unmistakeably retro flavour without its being a mere re-release from the past. Its arresting frame, stunning lines, quality and functionality are already imbuing Contra Punctum with cult status.

Brand: De Sede
Design: Braun & Maniatis
Size: W220 x D102 x H69 / SH40 cm

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