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          Max Design,Italy (2000)

Since 2000, when it was founded by Massimo Martino, Maxdesign has been providing the landscape of home&contract furniture with new dynamic and creative energies. This highlighted its specificity within the market, whose appreciation of its nonconformist choices is evident.

An everlasting investigation of the plenty of solutions offered by the ultimate technologies, a firm will of collaboration with the most talented designers in the international creative scene and an ironic and amused approach to shapes are the winning features of a success that brought the young company based in Udine (Italy) to an original and unmistakable reinterpretation of such a traditional product as the seating.

In this context of high innovation Maxdesign forced the technology of bi-injection – a complex process of molding plastic material – into furniture standards, such in the X3 seating series or in the recent Tototo, an armchair conceived as a single sheet of polypropilene properly folded upside-down in a peculiar play of positive and negative shapes.

As for the rest, Maxdesign products such as the stools Moving and Dancers and the chairs So Happy and Ricciolina, thanks to their distinctive playful and emotional approach, can already be considered as classic pieces of young and informal furniture.

The constant reinterpretation of contemporary issues offers continuous occasions of evolution and development to the company. Hence, Maxdesign opens to further adventures into new strategic and productive settings from this year on. In facts, each new product turns also into a communication project, supporting new choices in terms of themes and technologies, since Maxdesign is widening its range of products within a more and more aware market.

This is the context of new strategical settings in the production process, such as seating covered with leather and fabric, several indoor products, and the project for new stools Cocktail Seating.

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