tokujin yoshioka: twilight and moon for moroso

'moon' chairs by tokujin yoshioka for moroso
all images courtesy of tokujin yoshioka

continuing his ongoing collaboration with italian furniture manufacturer moroso, at this year's milan design week (april 12-17, 2011), japanese designer tokujin yoshioka presents an exhibition entitled 'twilight' along with a series of chairs named 'moon' developed for the company which will be displayed at the company's showroom.

'twilight' releases an infinitive amount of light rays into a white space, creating a scene
as if the light is cutting through a cloud and crepuscular rays - a phenomenon known as angel's ladder are pouring into the ground. this heavenly light provides the profile for yoshioka's collection of 'moon' chairs. the light reflects onto the surface of the seats, revealing the beauty of the textures which exist in various white materials.


sketch of 'moon'

profile sketch


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